The Rest Place Is The Mummy Case

by Black Coffee

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Javi Ramone
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Javi Ramone punkskate muy top, con toques clásicos, voces melódicas y ritmos rápidos y contundentes Favorite track: Every single day.
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We rise by lifting others is the conclusion of this album.
Almost twenty years writing and singing these songs and they are available right now for everyone with all our love


released May 25, 2017

Thanks to Carlos from El Taller Recordings
Junke for the support
Anxela from BALA singing at "We are all the same"
Arjo (Morgen), Breo (Portland) and Antonio for the instruments
Laura Pato designing all our image and merch
Photography: Dani from Ledicia
Jorge Galan performing "Every single day" at the violin



all rights reserved


BLACK COFFEE A Coruña, Spain

Black Coffee is based in La Coruña, Spain.
BC was born in 1996 with the idea of combining the roots from the 90s punkrock artists with the new the century style.

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Track Name: The rest place
Your decisions are wrong
cause don´t know where you born
desperation has come
when your brain thinks like clones

Soul is only the deal
your mind is an instinct and ears
please let me show you the way
to live your life and not to fake

This is the place
where all the humans don´t believe in their brains
cause all the their thoughts just go to kick on your face
instead of living where is the rest place
it’s in the mummy case

Year zero is today
go ahead and don´t pray
all the things you can say
blow up you mind and your brain
Track Name: Let it roll
Hey, where your shades
all your thoughts are almost framed
But I’m here now by your side
living the dreams you cannot hire

Let me show
who is on the way
hiding members were not dead
the result from years ago
you can never walk alone

Try to say hello
shitty things were always gone
all your roots can’t disappear
so keep your mind all white and clear

Now let them go
all doubts and facts
flowing new blood throughout your arms
cause your heart is on your mind
so you should find and get your right

Cause your feelings never fall
Let it roll
and all the questions that I’ve wrote
I don’t know
Now you need your time alone
thinking who is right or who’s wrong

Fight, stop, don’t cry
tears are heaven, sun needs shine
face the day and turn delight
past and memories… covered up

Change your way
it’s on your veins
hold it, waste it, print in your head
destination it is up to you
so please imagine how come through

But i know
and i know
all the things you couldn’t done
but i wrote
all your tones
so respect me and stay gold
now I hope to claim your God
Track Name: Looking for the good times
Looking for good times
this is how we feel alright
try to face don't cry
fears and tears should lie

You nearly die, you shouldn't shine
memories on standby
living life, day by day
reality is not based in praying

Looking for the good times come (repeat)
Looking for the good times gone (repeat)
feel this pain
distance sucks my brain
breathe and calm not blame

Now you can't look back
destinations are hung
so let’s go, don’t fuck
live fast and die young

It´s what you want
it’s almost done
warriors were never dumb
so fly away over the fields
new life´s coming by the trees
Track Name: Believe or not
Conversations on hold
Brains were destroyed by the cell phones and drones
Society has gone
All minds absorved
Self steem and ego were part of this show

Even though .... No, I dont know, no even know, why desperation and rage were gone,
No, i dont care, who still insane or is dead... believe or not

Should try to survive
against all these trends that the people get by
History is right
always on time, things from the past will define our path

If you try to forget them
Try to save your part not infected
Now your life is a mystery and hope
fight, your rights, wake up dont be lazy
find the shine , not the faces
react, raise up, your friends cant be wasted
now its time to believe it or not, believe it or not

Restrictions are wrong
reflections not common cause memory is gone
souls walk alone
you shouldnt stop
using your mind
trying to bulid up your thoughts
Track Name: Jesus
Why men should lie, but they don't cry
desperation is on their eyes
everyday you´ll feel alright consequences never die
all the crimes and harms you buy

Cause in your hands there´s blood and smells like flood
things you try to save are out of hope

Why everybody feels alright
but all the kids just shout and cry

Now it is time to rest and breathe
asking questions about the faith
analyze what you have done, it´s never too late to stop
go ahead and kill whats wrong
Track Name: Over & over
Heal me and heal me wherever you are
and try to and try to reveal to the stars
where you burn, hell is where the arts are

Tell me and tell me the things you don't trust
and ask to your friends for the reasons I ask
All it turns, humans don’t go far

Here I am everything in flames,
but over and over again
think myself to believe and not blame
It´s a shame, friends are not there…
so please GOD explain me again
who´s the best Mr Envy or Hell???

All destinations are there on my way
distracting my thoughts to reject who I am
someone claims…
fuck this shit it is pain!!!

Leave me or kill me cause I´m not alone
the world that I want it´s a critical show
then I blow,
nature´s not controlled.
Track Name: Fly away
She was always there
she was always fair
all the moments living by herself
trusting on her sense
trusting on defense
waiting for her life and rewards paid

Memories away
feelings should be said
patience, destination by this way
all the people love, she was the new god
timings on her life to fly away

Just fly away
Just fly away
Just fly away to the right place
Just fly away and we will pray

Now it is time for you
please take care and soon
friends and enemies will be sorry too
Spend more time with you
cause all our lives were rude
waiting for your voice to change this route

Just fly away
Just fly away
Just fly away to other place

Sky is where you are
the earth you´ve never trust
teaching all the humans clean the dust
keeping them alive
learning how to find the key that open doors between the stars
Track Name: Mum
Now it is time to tell you I’m wrong
cause my life has been too short
all the problems that I solved
were against my life my pods

Say hello, thanks for all
cause you are the only god
now I’m here in this fucking world because of you

Always drunk, all the drugs and pollution throughout my bones
desperation was my friend, it was my bond
you are the one

The only way to apologize
reason why, I was nuisance
saying thank you mum with this song
all your time spent, with your love
Track Name: We are all the same
This race, this place, this phrase
"we are all the same"
Repeat, my head, you shame
"we are all the same"

i was a kid almost born
population sang this song
we were all, same nice world
but at the school i wondered

Why everybody is so ironic with this song?
why all the humans hate the neighbours they were brown?
Why hesitate, why try to stay, the day by day?
doesn’t makes sense, this is the end
"We are not the same"

Say NO, too slow, get ready
"we are all the same"

It’s time, to fight, don’t say it
"we are all the same"
now again race, pigments,
disagreements are the pest
to get placed, you are the best
now you have to ask again….
Track Name: Nunca máis
It was Wednesday 13th
the coast was clean
but we could see a black wide shit
The story of this song tells about this fucking world
so then we know, so then we know
That the shit wasn't coming too slow
so we have tried to join our hands
and attemp to save and concern


When the problem was here
Inhabitants around the world
were crossing alone
to save our coast
and to see catastrophe,
catastrophe, catastrophe
that the government could never see
the opposition was in favor of
just they want to win elections


Reality, lots of polluted territories
and the sea
was completely a misery
at the end,
Guilty dissapp again
but the truth
20 years of mystery


All that we said,
the solution (has) not come
all that we know
Track Name: This is not justice, this is real
Waiting for Tom and strangers surrounding at rear
forest was burning
try to explain what’s inside in my head maybe it’s real
life´s been updated

In my mind fake things were waiting for
Dissappearing as a crime

This is fine I have to enjoy this time
Waiting and waiting for tears
This not justice this is real

In my world every human is a crone
Trying to hide all their fears
This not justice this is real

New years have come and destroy all the dreams into tears
wasting my timings
Life is a mystery turning into history cause nobody blinds me
Track Name: Every single day
All I know that your trust is gone
desperation is surrounding on the ground
here I am this is how I pray
destination is all my shame

you should be the only one not to blame
keeping mind and the brain instead your fame
you could try you would always lie
but the right is on your side

every single day… yeah
I ve never tried to…never tried to wait
I was always facing and fighting day by day
the solution is on your head
try to feel this way….
(now you rest and plan)

Sunday night a new life is here
destroy your rules, set the things but not in tears
Everytime we turn into pride …
all the rats bit what they can

it’s your turn no more second chance
melting ideas from people who never dance build your aims create your own false friends
this is how it breaks your brain